About Us

Executive Staff

General Manager, Glenn Ray (423)625-2821
Manager of Accounting and Finance, Michael Williford (423)625-2845
Manager of Electric, CPSv, Curtis Wiliamson (423)625-2809
Manager of Human Resources, PHR, UHR, Connie Frisbee (423)625-2830
Customer Service Manager, Carmen Lichty (423)625-2822
Wastewater System Supervisor, Chris Archer (423)625-2847
Water Works Manager, Clint Hammonds (423)625-2829
Water System Supervisor, Linten Atkins (423)625-2852
Purchasing, Logistics, & Fleet Manager, Donna Cureton (423)625-2843
Occupational Safety, Health & Security Manager, Chris Mullins (423)613-1144
Broadband Department Manager, Chris Calhoun (423)625-2851
Technology Manager, John Knight (423)532-3546
Marketing and PR Manager, Sharon Kyser (423)532-3549
Legal Counsel James McSween


TVA provides regulatory oversight for NU, regarding rates and service practices. If you have an issue or complaint that you have not been able to resolve through NU, TVA's Complaint Resolution Process may be of assistance and can be reached either through email [ComplaintResolution@TVA.Gov] or by calling 1-888-289-8409

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