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Electrical Service - General Information

From the generation of power from TVA, through Newport Utilities distribution system, the over twenty thousand homes and businesses of Cocke County, Tennessee rely on clean, safe electrical power at noticeably competitive rates.

Couple that with East Tennessee's moderate climate and folks moving into the area from both the northern and southern parts of the country can find their average utility bills reduced by fifty percent, while still enjoying consistent, dependable electric service.

Manufacturing and industry find that there are many programs offered through Newport Utilities and TVA, such as the Energy Surplus Program, which can drastically reduce the cost per KWH.

Newport Utilitie's fleet of 25 maintenance vehicles, 24/7 dispatch console and well trained and certified electrical technicians assure prompt response to both new installations and any service interruptions. Newport Utilitie's state-of-the-art 24 hour OMS (Outage Management System) automated reporting system not only allows for your immediate notification of outages, but automatically calls your residential telephone to announce the resumption of service.

electric substationMuch of East Tennessee relies on Newport Utilities for courteous service, prompt response and very competitive electric rates. A variety of payment plans, community assistance programs and the pride of being a public power provider combine to make Newport Utilities both responsive and responsible to you.

Supplier: TVA
Delivery Voltage: 161kV (2 points)
Substations: 7
69KV Transmission: 24 miles
13.2 KV Distribution: 1450 miles
Service Area: 600 Square miles
Customers: 21,500

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