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OMS Automated Outage Call Management System

OMS (Outage Management System)

Newport Utilities is pleased to announce the implementation of a new outage call management system. The new system offers many new features and benefits for Newport Utilities Customers.

New capabilities will provide a significant improvement in communications of outage statuses:

  • Customer will be able to call & check on statuses to get the latest update on the situation electronically.
  • Newport Utilities will be able to send out status messages, in a more efficient way, directly to Customers who have chosen to receive callbacks.
  • Customers will be able to update their phone numbers listed on their account electronically to ensure Newport Utilities always has their most current contact information on file.

It is IMPORTANT to note that to access the new system, Customers will need to know their account number. We have found using phone numbers for customers to access their information electronically to be unsuccessful because phone numbers do change frequently. Also, if a customer has many accounts, the same phone number is often attached to the many accounts. Although phone number access is still one of the options available on the new system, account number will be the best choice for quick access. You can find your account number at the top of your bill.

Please click here to see a step by step Automated System Outage Call Flow chart

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