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Payment Options

Newport Utilities offers methods of payment that can save you valuable time and effort in bill paying. You can also save money on postage, gas, and check charges.

Of the approximate 22,000 Newport Utilities Customers, roughly 12,000 (or over 50%) physically come to the Main Office to pay their utility bills. Although Newport Utilities welcomes Customers to pay at the Main Office, we also recognize that Customers may have wait times associated with this method of payment especially during the first week of the month. Newport Utilitie's mission is to deliver high levels of quality customer service which includes providing options for our Customers. One key area where Newport Utilities has created options for our Customers is with Payment Methods. No longer do Newport Utilities Customers have to physically come to our office to pay their utility bill. You can also use one of the following ways which can save you time and money:

  • Automatic payment programs via bank draft or credit card that are safe and secure
  • On-line using the Login under 'Pay Online'
  • Mail in payments to Newport Utilities, P.O. Box 519, Newport, TN 37822
  • Calling NU's 24/7 toll free automated system 877-779-8581
  • SmartHub payment app available for both android & iphones.
  • At various bank locations as long as the bill is not past due (Click here to see the list)
  • **NEW** Kiosk located outside between the main office & LCU which takes cash, Debit/Credit cards, and E-checks

By taking advantage of these alternative payment methods, Customers will benefit through various ways:

  • Save your valuable time and effort in bill paying.
  • In the case of automatic payment programs:
    • Eliminate worries over misplaced bills and incurring penalties
    • Save money on postage, gas, and check charge

To sign up for an automatic payment program or to learn more about the alternative methods of payments, just call Newport Utilities customer service department at 423-625-2800.

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