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Wastewater Service - General Info

Newport Utilities Wastewater Treatment Plant can process more than four million gallons every day. Using the most modern treatment techniques, and constant monitoring of the treatment process in an on site laboratory by state certified operators, Newport Utilities assures appropriate and continuing services to its four thousand unit customer base.

Recent upgrades and expansions make the Newport Utilities Wastewater Plant a model for East Tennessee.

Newport Utilities cooperates with local manufacturers to assure proper processing of special or uncommon wastewater products so that they are handled in a safe and efficient manner.

Constant monitoring of discharge is a pledge of this environmentally friendly Wastewater Treatment Plant.

wastewater main buildingWe are proud to be a recipient of the Kentucky-Tennessee Water Environment Federation Wastewater Operational Excellence Award conferred to recognize the dedication, resolve, and outstanding effort of the employees of this facility by having no more than one violation of its NPDES permit limit for 14 of the last 15 years.

Rated Capacity: 4.35 Million Gallons per day
Average Flow: 2.8 Million Gallons per day
Lines: 75 Miles
Pump Stations: 42 PS
Manholes: 1,200
Customers: 4,441

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