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Water Service - Cross Connection

The Tennessee Department of Environment & Conservation (TDEC), Division of Water Supply, regulates public water systems such as Newport Utilities. The policies & programs TDEC has in place requires public water systems compliance and are purely intended to ensure the public receives safe, quality drinking water.

One of the programs TDEC implemented is called Cross-Connection Control which requires public water systems to establish & maintain an effective program to control cross-connections.

Cross-connections can be found anywhere the public water supply connects with residential or commercial plumbing systems. Here are some common examples of what can happen when it is found in homes:

  • Water from the toilet tank can be drawn back into the house water supply if the flush valve does not have an anti-siphon device.
  • If a swimming pool or hot tub is filled with a garden hose submerged in the water, pool water can be sucked up the hose into the house water supply.
  • If an insecticide or herbicide dispenser is attached to a garden hose, a pressure drop can cause chemical-laden water to be pulled up the hose and into the house water supply.
  • If a sprinkler system lacks a proper backflow device, dirty water from the lawn can be siphoned back into the sprinkler head and flow back into the house water supply.

In accordance with sections 68-221-701 through 68-221-720 of the Tennessee Code Annotated, the water purveyor (Newport Utilities) has the primary responsibility to prevent water from unapproved sources, or any other foreign substance from entering the public water supply system (backflow prevention). From installing or maintaining a water service connection to a customer’s private water system where cross-connection or backflow hazard exists or will probably exist, unless the public water supply system is properly protected against backflow.

To view a list of approved backflow assembly testers please click here.

Cross Connection

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