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Water Service - General Information

Newport Utilities raw water comes from the world's third oldest river, the French Broad, running over and through the Great Smoky Mountains from North Carolina into Cocke County, Tennessee. Newport Utilities maintains a six million gallon a day capacity processing facility, with a modern quality testing laboratory. A safe and adequate drinking water supply is assured through our commitment to excellence.

Newport Utilities water supply meets and exceeds established water quality standards prescribed by the Safe Drinking Water Act of the Environmental Protection Agency. Fluoride is added to comply with quality water specifications. Water report and information regarding testing procedures and results are available here. water treatment plant

Rated Capacity: 6 Million gallons per day
Reservoir Capacity: 10.6 Million gallons
Average Flow: 4.4 Million gallons per day
Water Lines: 411.7 Miles
Storage Facilities: 23
Fire Hydrant: 564
Customers: 11,515
Wholesale water to 3 other water utilities

Water Trivia Facts:
- 2/3 of your home water is used in the bathroom
- The average person uses 2 gallons to brush their teeth
- A 10 minute shower will use about 55 gallons
- A dripping faucet can waste 300 gallons per month

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